Searching for 1975 Clemson #86


As I’m inputting player names I came across this image from the 1975 Alabama vs Clemson game in which the Tide’s QB was sacked (boo / roll tide!)

Clemson #86 is clearly visible however this number is not listed on the 1975 team roster. There are a bunch of names though that don’t have numbers assigned. Has anyone come across this kind of situation yet and can offer a suggestion as to how to match the correct name?

Also, is anyone looking beyond just the images at play-by-play information to determine correct subject terms and descriptions? If so, how? Is it possible to figure out which play an image is from based off of any of the metadata that’s already embedded in the image? Is this overkill for the sake of this exercise (aka “do your best”)? For example, with this image above and it’s related counterpart, just by looking at it, how do I know if it’s a “pass rush” or a “blitz” or both? Also, can this even be considered a sack or is the QB going down intentionally to avoid getting hit (or does someone have his legs from behind and I just can’t see it here)?

Any and all suggestions welcome!


4 thoughts on “Searching for 1975 Clemson #86

  1. Okay, bear with me here, because this is only an HAG (half-a**ed guess).
    Take a look at their 1976 roster ( Some people change positions, some leave the team, but the numbers don’t seem to change that often between years. You can also see that many of 1975’s freshmen have numbers in 1976 that fill holes in 1975’s chart. Thus, I am guessing that, if a freshman got assigned a number in 1975, you won’t see it until 1976 (if they stay on the team). 86 is probably Jonathan Brooks, Defensive End. Big “probably” there, definitely wouldn’t put that much money on it, but I’d put a bit.


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