What’s going on here?? / I can’t believe I already need your help!


Alright, here I am indexing my first image for the project and I already need your help (gulp), specifically as it relates to the Subject element. Christy’s Subject element guidelines are very straightforward and the simple vocab list of terms she created for us to use is super handy. However in the image that I pasted above, it sort of seems to me like the only subject you can give it is simply “Run” (or “Rush”?), which isn’t in the list. Chances are that Alabama #33 who is rushing with the ball is about to get tackled momentarily, but “Tackle” does not seem like an accurate option for this image.

As far as the other possible terms go, could Alabama have been blitzed on this play? Maybe? Is #33 under double coverage? Again, possibly? Was this a completed forward pass and not a run play? It sort of looks like #33 is emerging from the line of scrimmage as if the QB immediately handed the ball off to him, but I wasn’t there, so I really don’t know. There are more possibilities from the list, but it feels like all of them would need more context before being able to select any with certainty. The only subject term I feel like I would be able to safely use here is just “Run.” What does everybody else think? Any of you having similar issues?


5 thoughts on “What’s going on here?? / I can’t believe I already need your help!

  1. Yes, I think run seems like an appropriate term there – that is a very general term for that type of play. I was surprised to not find listed in the vocabularies I found. I’ll double check to find the most accurate term.

    The only other question I might ask is whether 33 is the quarterback, then it might be better to call it a quarterback scramble. I’m open to suggestions and could use the expertise of those deeply knowledgable in football. πŸ™‚

    I’ll look at that more when I get home from work tonight!


  2. Thanks Christy! Based on some of the other glossaries that you link to in the guidelines it seems like it would be OK for us to include “Rush” or “Rushing” as a subject term.

    Also, it looks like Daniel created a spreadsheet with links to team roster information that he linked to in his Player Name guidelines. Based on the info for 1975 Crimson Tide it appears that #33 is the fullback and not the QB! (p.s. I don’t know a whole lot about football player numbers but I do know that for whatever reason the QB is pretty much always in the 0-12 number range.)


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