Revised Relation Guidelines

OK so I made a few further revisions to the Relation element guideline which you can check out on the project wiki

One big change is that the label is going to have to stay “Relation” and can’t be customized quite as much as I hoped. None of the 10 or so DC refinement options for Relation (IsPartOf, IsVersionOf, etc.) really gel with our context, so generic “Relation” it will remain. As I see it now, rather than simply inputting the Unique Identifier for each related image, we will also have to include a statement that explains the “same play sequence as” relationship (which I’ve created for you in the guidelines). Let me know if you see things differently. Also, I’m not sure whether or not it is handy or necessary to have all the related Unique Identifiers link to their respective Omeka image records within the metadata. Dr. MacCall, do you have thoughts about that “Digital Object Linker” plugin I mentioned in an earlier post? If we don’t use the plugin should we still link the Identifiers with the “Use HTML” check box? Is this even a good idea?


5 thoughts on “Revised Relation Guidelines

  1. I’m made some minor edits on your wiki page .. please go ahead and double check them for clarity. Thanks!

    Also, you’ll see a “ready to index” note; however, as I noted, we’ll need the Identifier element to be ready before Relation indexing can occur


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