39 posts

So I am trying to plan out the remaining blogging I need to do for LS 566 in these last couple weeks of school. I have this vague memory of Dr. MacCall saying way back in the beginning that we needed to shoot for 3 posts per week for a total of “39 posts” for the semester. Is 39 the number that we are indeed shooting for here or am I misremembering this? I feel a little cheap drafting an entire new blog post just for this one question, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Can anybody clarify? Thanks!


4 thoughts on “39 posts

  1. Yes, 39 blog posts and comments.

    I, for one, cannot judge you for using a blog post for this. I gave each aspect of the guideline its own blog post so that people could give feedback on each part, but it certainly didn’t hurt that I got several blog posts out of it. And I asked this question on twitter to use a tweet.


  2. I figured it would be either 39 or 42, depending on what was considered the official start date for the 3-posts-per-week-on-average requirement. And I’m using your blog as an excuse to leave a comment. So much for “cheapness”… đŸ˜‰


  3. Lol, I love it. He said “39” blog posts. Remember we also can blog about the presentations that are coming up and our work on the indexing guidelines. I should probably go and check to see where I stand because I know a couple weeks I didn’t do 3 posts per week. #brainhurts


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