Learning Objects… should I believe the hype?

I enjoyed this week’s readings about learning objects. I had not yet encountered these before, and poking around the MERLOT “referitory” took me down a couple of rabbit holes that I got lost in for at least 30 minutes. One of these was a decibel frequency hearing test and the other a Portuguese children’s lesson on Vasco da Gama’s India expedition. MERLOT alone contains links to over 60,000 learning objects. I noticed that since a basic principle of learning objects is that they can be reusable over time, many of the linked objects were created over a decade ago but usually had a quite recent “date modified” date. Even still, one of the links I clicked on pulled up a “file not found” error. Who knows how many others in the repository have also succumbed to rot. It seems like these learning objects could be really great resources for educators and librarians. I’m wondering though how much people really know about these and use them or if their appeal was just a temporary fad.


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