TV the old fashioned way is just fine

I enjoyed this blog post on scene-level television metadata, more than I thought I would. I don’t own a TV or watch very much TV these days. But reading this post made me realize that I am perhaps part of this new breed of audience they refer to that gets their TV fix from the internet and has to hit pause every now and then to IMDB something and so on. While the discussion of how tagging TV is a new and profitable trend in the metadata industry and how it’s not as easy as it seems like it should be because of lack of standards, etc. was super interesting, what captivated me most was the context for why all of a sudden there is such a demand. The stats about how many people are connected to the internet or are distracted by their smart phones while they watch TV, along with how traditional TV advertising is no longer making money all makes perfect sense and is stuff that I hadn’t really considered much until now. What worries me though is thinking about what kind of lengths advertisers will now go to push their product and how this will interfere with my entertainment and distraction. I hate product placement in shows and movies and I hate feeling like I’m manipulable in that way. As traditional commercial breaks die out, will ads just become increasingly more subliminal and insidious? Blecchh no thanks!


2 thoughts on “TV the old fashioned way is just fine

  1. I’m the same way about watching tv shows and movies. If it’s something I want to know more about, I’ll pause in a heartbeat and spend 30 minutes trying to learn about the topic. Lol, it gets on my gram’s nerves because we’ll be talking about something and I say “pause, let me look it up.” I would say I don’t pay attention to product placement but I’m sure on some subconscious level, I do and just don’t know it.


  2. I did laugh at the idea of Jennifer Anniston’s dress being a “save for later and buy” item (not for me, that’s for certain!). The idea of tagging for sponsors is kind of interesting, though. Could that lead to some kind of really cross-platform integration, where looking up that episode in IMDB results in ads for the original sponsor showing up in a sidebar? Not sure I’d like that, but it’s an interesting idea.


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