“Relation” aka the bane of my existence

I feel like I am starting to sound like a broken record about this “Relation” element in that I still don’t know what we’re going to do with it for our indexing project. My online research has yet to reveal any answers that I think would suit our particular scenario. Many of the repositories that are linked from the project wiki don’t use Relation. Also I haven’t come across any helpful sports image databases where I can view the metadata and see if/how they use this element.

On the bright side though, because of all these factors it’s beginning to seem to me like we can use Relation however we see fit. While Dublin Core best practices highlight a list of refinements to help specify what kind of relationship is present (IsPartOf, IsVersionOf, etc.), I’m beginning to wonder if we couldn’t just create our own all encompassing qualified standard that states that such and such image “IsRelatedTo” followed by the unique identifier and link to whichever image(s) we want to relate. I know that this is a little vague, but since all of these items are images coming from the same place, can’t the specific relationship between 2 or more photographs that are taken within milliseconds of each other (as in images 3 and 4 on this example page) be inferred? I also like this solution because it’s easy and straightforward and doesn’t require the more football challenged among us to invent any new terminology and therefore I think is less susceptible to error.

Before I go any further with this though, I’m also starting to wonder if it will become more clear when we’re finally able to see the images that we are working with. But for now, this is my idea. What are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on ““Relation” aka the bane of my existence

  1. I think you’re onto something with the idea of keeping it as some kind of simple “these images are obviously related to each other” element. I’m wondering how you will tell whether the older photos were taken within milliseconds, though, since they won’t have timestamps. Maybe it will obvious? (Let’s hope so!)


  2. Would you not think that a searcher who finds a particular image in our database would want to be alerted to the fact that there are additional images available that are “related”? I put related in quotation marks because its a relative term in that in our case, “related” means other images that are taken during the same play sequence. (We would have to make that specific interpretation of “relation” available to our searchers so they knew this.)

    In short, the relation element in DC is one of the tinker toy elements that can help us craft a digital image repository that meets the needs of our context (FB) and our envisioned user search needs….


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