Accepting change

Ed’s blog post in Inkdroid entitled “Ignoring Our Visual Heritage” really struck a chord with me. As anxious as I may feel at times about learning new technologies and dealing with unfamiliar file formats, there is really no excuse for not developing strategies for maintaining digital collections moving forward. “Putting our collective head in the sand” and sticking to the old way of doing things because it’s “the right way” makes no sense and is wholly counterproductive. If there is one truth that scientists can teach us about our world it is that change is the only constant.

Side note/plug: I am leading discussion on this excellent reading regarding place, memory, and climate change for our archives reading group in about an hour from now : )

As Ed points out, education and innovative simple solutions (such as BagIt) are really the only way to go. I take solace in the belief that as this position becomes more accepted, maintaining digital files for longevity will become second nature.


2 thoughts on “Accepting change

  1. Preach it! On a only semi-related note, after working with older folks at the public library and observing my parents and family members, it seems that the only way to “keep up” and feel fairly confident with changing technologies is to follow along with the new steps. Try twitter. Look at an iPad. See what smartphones are all about. Even if you don’t use them regularly. If you completely miss a “step” it makes it that much harder to use a new technology, because so many of them build upon each other.


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