Controlled Vocabularies 101

Well, that last comment in my previous post about controlled vocabularies seemed to be prophetic because I found myself reading all about them for my next session of course readings. Having an interest in art librarianship, I skimmed through the majority of the Getty’s Introduction to Controlled Vocabularies online edition. All I can really say is that this is a fantastic resource for anyone needing to learn about CVs, regardless of whether it’s for the art world or not. Not only does the text offer a very thorough explanation of the mechanics of controlled vocabularies (I now feel like I can adequately explain to you how synonym rings and lexical variants work) but it also includes guides with important considerations for index and retrieval systems design. I am pretty blown away by the amount of time and energy that goes into planning and maintaining controlled vocabularies. After all, language is not static. Have any of my LS 566 peers ever been engaged in this type of work?


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