Why I avoid digital music

This post is inspired by Bruce Lazorchak’s blog regarding what’s being done to enhance metadata for the music industry, one of our reading options for the week. Growing up, music played a pretty big role in my life and before coming here to Alabama I spent over a decade volunteering with 2 college radio stations – WHPK in Chicago and WTUL in New Orleans. While digitization has made obtaining music a lot more accessible and convenient, I am (like a lot of radio people I know) one of those analog holdouts. I realize now though that it’s not just about sound quality, but the “aura” of the object, and one of the basic functions of that object is to communicate information. As Lazorchak points out it seems like this function is really lacking with digital music. Back in the day an album’s liner notes, song credits, and album art was how I learned about music. I followed certain artists’ careers and record label output through the info I gathered from the packaging as if it were linked data. I was happy to learn about the Recording Academy’s “Give Fans the Credit” initiative. It seems like this would be one small step in the right direction of improving the quality and robustness of metadata for digital music.


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