Metadata and Documentation Strategy

I really appreciated what Dr. MacCall said in class tonight about how metadata indexers aren’t interested in sharing content but  are much more concerned with sharing context. I think I was trying to make a point to this effect in my previous blog post on the foundations of resource description, and I am grateful that this idea can be summed up in such a clear and concise way. I also thought it was interesting that Dr. MacCall brought up the concept of “documentation strategy” which I remember learning about in Prof. Riter’s Archival Appraisal course when I took it last spring. I am inspired now to go back and brush back up on this approach, since I can see a correlation between gathering records from far and wide with the mission of documenting a certain subject along with establishing a protocol for indexing metadata for records that share a similar context. Now that I am thinking about it though I also remember that documentation strategy got a bit of criticism for being overly ambitious and not totally realistic. I guess as Dr. MacCall said it all comes down to scale. Anyways in case anyone else is interested, I recall this article as being a good starting point:


One thought on “Metadata and Documentation Strategy

  1. Thanks for the link to the Cox article … I think the key to the successful documentation strategy is to have constraints on ambition. IOW, let’s look at the documentation of common event-types. Ultimately, the purpose of our metadata project will be to facilitate aggregation across different institutions .. in short, “rightsizing” our interoperability objectives….


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