OAIster and DPLA

It was interesting to learn about OAIster and the Digital Public Library of America, two retrieval services for digital material that I had never heard of before this class. OAIster was developed first, and by harvesting metadata from hundreds of repositories across the world strives to be the first union catalog for all varieties of scholarly digital information items. The particular article that I reviewed, “Looking for Pearls“, provides a pretty straightforward explanation of how OAIster works as well as some its “quirks” which, as I understand it, result mainly because of the scale that they need to operate on and the inescapable matter of dealing with non-normalized metadata entries. After comparing this synopsis to the DPLA, it seems like the DPLA aims to create the exact same type of service that OAIster offers however exclusively for institutions within the US. I am curious to know then to what degree is there collaboration between the two organizations? Is there any competition arising, or is one filling a niche or meeting a demand that the other is unable or not meant to fulfill? What am I missing here?


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