Soda or pop?

I began the reading for this week with Mary S. Woodley’s section in her Introduction to Metadata about crosswalks and harvesting: I must say that Woodley made these common practices seem a lot more understandable and practical than they were to me when I first began encountering them. “Mapping” can be understood as visualizing a theoretical link between different metadata schemas while “Crosswalks” are the actual side-by-side tables of relationships between schema that serve as keys to interoperability. All of this is conceptually very straightforward. However I was intrigued by Woodley’s assertion that there is a lot more than what appears on the surface here since often these practices are only thought of as having to do with metadata structure. What happens when different schemas use different vocabularies within their data values? How can like metadata be harvested or aggregated when there isn’t consistency with specific terminology and language? Woodley states, “Crosswalks have been used to migrate the data structure of information resources from one format to another, but only recently have there been projects to map the data values that populate those structures.” (pg. 5) I am curious to learn more about these recent efforts to develop common thesauri and controlled vocabularies for metadata schemas.


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