Under the influence of Schema.org

I had the same reaction as WossaMetaU when coming across the Joho blog post about the Bogota Manhattan recipe. It brought my attention to schema.org and how there exists a standardized code language within HTML markup that allows programmers to highlight and categorize certain elements in order to make web browser search results more efficient in getting you the right information that you want. I’ve experienced marking up text documents with TEI in which it’s possible to similarly highlight certain contextual elements, but until now I had never realized that this capability can and will naturally be exploited by everyone that deals in the information business. Now it seems so obvious to me how I often will search Google for a recipe based on a couple of ingredients that I have, and then will be most drawn to the first one I see that has a “rich snippet” telling me a few key aspects of the recipe along with a positive review. While this discovery has opened my eyes to a whole new aspect of coding that I hadn’t really considered before, it also proves to me just how much influence a specific item can have over me due to a more sophisticated and standardized coding within.


One thought on “Under the influence of Schema.org

  1. The lesson is that if you want your recipes found via search engine searches, they had better on webpages that deploy the correct schema.org markup .. that’s another way those search engine spiders will separate the “good” stuff from the “bad” stuff when ranking results lists!


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