Looking forward to more TEI

Last semester in Dr. MacCall’s CIS 656 course we had a few sessions with DH center staff and metadata librarians downstairs in the Alabama Digital Humanities Center that focused on TEI. We each completed a TEI assignment in which we did our own encoding for a Civil War letter preserved in Acumen and available to view here. The purpose was to electronically mark up the letter exactly as the handwritten text appeared and to offer contextual notes such as person, place and organization name, as well as dates and salutations. While I know that we only barely scratched the surface of what TEI can do through this exercise, I really enjoyed this activity in that it felt a lot like being a detective and maybe even a time bandit to boot. Here we were attempting to insert the exact content and meaning of someone else’s words from 150 years ago into this utterly unfathomable computation device, while at the same time doing our best to interpret and decipher terminology and language from a long ago era. I would be delighted to have the chance to do more of these kinds of exercises for this class, but I’m also wondering if anyone else in the course has experience with TEI and can maybe offer a different perspective?


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