Persistence on the web

I loved reading andypowe11‘s post about persistent identifiers on the Polaroid Blipfoto blog Once again it points out an issue that until now I hadn’t considered all that much. Sure, I am well aware that web domain names change and content gets taken away as quickly as it is posted, and I am positive everyone reading this has experienced their share of broken links. But for me that mostly just happens with websites that feel out-dated or a little junky anyway. So how do you ensure that search and find-ability persist for the really important and culturally valuable stuff (a minority perhaps?) of what exists on the web? The blogger’s use of what we can only assume is an identifier for a UK railway bridge is spot on. These systems work because there are people who know how to make them work, and http URLs have become something of a universal language that a majority of folks around the world now speak and understand. This blog post also made me think of a really interesting New Yorker story on the Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine that came out this week. It boggles my mind to think about how much the web will change in the same period of time in the future as we are now from when it started. Does that sentence make any sense?


2 thoughts on “Persistence on the web

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