Recapping this week’s “guest” presentation

Rebecca Guenther’s presentation “Change in the Digital Age: Metadata Trends for Libraries” provided a solid overview of many of the topics we have been discussing in class and helped illuminate a few more points for me. While she spoke a good deal about descriptive metadata (our focus for the class), I really appreciated her explanation of other kinds of metadata (administrative, preservation, technical, and structural) that are equally vital to the access and use of a digital object. Her point about meta-metadata struck a particular chord. In my mind digital objects are characterized most by fragility, corruptability and impermanence. It is critical then to keep some kind of record of the information embedded within so that items can be recovered and traced. Guenther’s discussion of new trends was also interesting. Seeing as how the presentation is over 3 years old now, I am curious to find out how much progress has been made with the Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative as well as how much more of a practice linked data has become.


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