Reflecting on Metacrap

Metacrap was a fun read for this week. Maybe I’m over thinking it, but it felt like all of the really dated references (Altavista, Palm Pilots, etc.) were inserted with some magical foreknowledge by the author just so that people like me would get to read this 15 years down the road and have a chuckle. The 7 problems that Doctorow introduces do come off as a little overly simplistic and are delivered in a delightfully snarky manner. Yet for someone new to this field I think it serves as a good primer on where many of the pitfalls and traps to watch out for are. It is amazing to me how much the concept of metadata has entered the general public’s consciousness in the aftermath of the Snowden whistle blowing and NSA surveillance scandal. While a meta-utopia is absolutely unattainable, I think it’s great that more people are showing interest in the topic and perhaps this strength in numbers will serve the practice well in the future.


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